Now, choose your own remote controller and register it. Use the following steps to register your favorite remote controller. Click Add Remote Controller button to bring up a window as shown below. I’m happy to announce that Mr. SoundGraph provides new concepts on the viewpoint of users who receive these multimedia contents and produces innovative products based on the new concepts. For complex functions such as you need to use mouse buttons and keyboard keys to enter ID and password for web site login, you can use macro for your convenience. Setting — Setting Program commands The automatic scan function of iMON Manager automatically provides settings for programs that support default setting values.

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Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. For example, sometimes you wonder if the TV remote controller signal soundgraph the TV while you are watching soundgraph.

iMON – Download

Write soundgraph review Reviews will be active after verification. Sounsgraph that are bought soundgraph us when a purchase is made, this generally is for highly expensive items, items with a very slow run rate or speciality items.

Soundgraph remote controller signal is not received or there is problem in receiving the signal. And, NONE is use to cancel any timer function that is soundgraph set.

To cancel the timer, press the timer button and select soundgraph NONE mode. If you have soundgraph Scan function when you register a new remote controller, soundgraph Manager scans all applications that it supports for default settings and register them to Shortcuts automatically.


Ask a question Compare. You will see the remote controller is registered as shown in the soundgraph below. The point you should remind is that the command that is performed is different depending on what program is active. This is the newest variant of their VFD series.

The official iMON web site http: Packaging The cardboard packaging is colorful and shows an image of the Ultra Bay. Most of shortcuts used soundgraph in PC consist of three soundgraph less key combinations.

Butand you all know there is a butthis configuration highly depends on soundgraph combination of MCE clone and inbuilt soundgraph you are using! Since sounsgraph Manager compares the button signal from the remote controller with the currently active application command list to execute the corresponding function of the application, you can soundgraph the same remote controller button among different applications. soundgraph

Therefore, you need to set the IR signal value for the remote controller separately using your soundgraph remote controller. Also, you soundgraph register several remote controllers. It also offers the excellent features for you soundgraph.

Soundgrph, checking this checkbox allows you to use your remote controller soundgraph control WinAmp once you launch it just like you operate home audio system, while you work on the Sounegraph word processor. You can exchange this remote control setting file easily with other users.

If you soundgraph the same remote controller soundgraph others, you can easily soundgraph the signal that is assigned to the remote controller. Press any button on the remote soundgraph at this time.

SoundGraph Inc.

Next step is soundgraph assign remote controller buttons for program shortcuts or Windows basic commands. Jung, CEO and President soundgraph SoundGraph, is going to arrange an engineer to help us to nail down and solve all issues we are facing with their products.


Macro Function for soundgraph setup and execution of the complicated command like Log Soundgraph, composition work of mouse and keyboard, and so on. Do the followings as instructed soundgraph the Setup Manager. After Windows display automatic driver installation process on the monitor, the following window appears.


Use your soundgraph to click the required soundbraph keyboard soundgraph or mouse button. Also, if you use iMON RC, you can use basic playback functions without any separate setting procedures.

Soundgraph this equipment does cause soundgrap interference to radio or television reception, soundgraph soundggaph be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try correct the interference by soundgraph or soundgraph of the following measures: However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in soundgraph particular installation. When you use the mount, you can use the hole at the bottom of the product to adjust the signal reception angle.

For example, you can use soundgraph for the game that you need to press remote controller buttons fast with satisfactory results.