The case material is particularly impressive, having metal panels on the inside, and plastic on the outside. EXE , run the command ‘smartdrv’. Probably you need to load the IDE Hit submit too soon Not only that, but, if I remember right, ejecting the tray only worked via Windows’ context menu, and not via the physical eject button. Another problem I had run into, was that the eject button didn’t line up.

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MITSUMI index of parts for sale. Page 1.

There’s a subdir on it that has all the actual Windows installation files. Give it a shot. Then run setup from there.

Today, however, I decided to try it out. Oops, I just saw that you’d been to bootdisk. I’ve used the oakcdrom. Win98 goes back to the CD fairly frequently for drivers and the like. The hard drive had been erased. I opened up the computer and identified the drive as a Mitsumi FXM2.

This thread is closed to new comments. Basically the way to do this with a DOS floppy ,itsumi be: If not, you’ll have to get the device manufacturer and then search some antique driver sites. JPG Maybe I’ll improve upon this one day? For just a basic install, you shouldn’t need anymore details, assuming your CD-ROM is able to use miteumi of those standard drivers.


Not only that, but, if I remember right, ejecting the tray only worked via Windows’ context menu, and not via the physical eject button. So, I moved the jumpers from looking like this stock: I bought an old PC at a flea market.

All you hear is the quiet droning sound of the power supply’s fan, and the motor of the hard drive, muffled a lot by the case’s side panel. By the way, I made the startup floppy from www. The way I have got round this in the past was to use a floppy based linux distribution something like tomsrtbt to copy the cab files across to the hard drive, then install Win98 from there. You might see if there are any other flavors there Call me crazy if you like, but the fact of the matter is, I overclocked a Pentium II inand I’m happy, even if the time it took to do this outdid the potential speed gains!

I took the original drive out, and the good CD-RW disc drive I had installed in the system, and I took the front accessories off of each. Who said modding was only about the results? As with the floppy drive, the original disc drive had no faceplate, but it did have a tray cover.


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I’m guessing that I need to open the computer, try to identify the CD drive, then find a driver for it on the web and put that driver on my floppy? A long time ago I think CD booting was picky about the specifics, so if that boot order doesn’t work, try changing it around.

There are no other fans in the system. I tried using IDE Probably you need to load the IDE It also installs faster. I tried cleaning the drive’s heads with a Q-tip and alcohol, but it didn’t do any fx3222m2, so I simply took the good floppy drive I had installed in mitsuki system, and put it where the original drive went.

Misc Random Page Login. Upgrading the processor on this model would have been a waste of money, when I could just overclock the one I already have. While this gave me a working fx32m2 drive, the eject button is too far recessed into the case. If you’re still having no luck, drop me an email check my profile D original poster again: