In Day or Week view, tap the desired date and time for the appointment. However, depending on mobile phone specifications, the recipient of your message may not support the WAV format. You can select your own five cities to be displayed on the screen from a list of cities. Starting and Exiting MioCalc Creating A Contact Once a partnership is created, the devices need only have the Bluetooth function turned on to exchange information;

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Earphone Volume control Answer button Microphone The answer button allows for the following operations: Opening a Workbook Whenever you switch to Excel Mobile, you will see the workbook list. Creating A Task Creating a Task 1.

More details on MiTAC Mio A501 Digi-Walker

Removing Programs Removing Programs To remove a program from the device: When a value is saved to the calculator memory, the Memory indicator M will appear in the display field.

To change the network settings, tap Settings Connections Cards. You can customize the settings of the device to your own preferences. Menu World Time Set City Data Backup To response to or forward a message, select the desired item and click Reply or double-click the desired item or Forward.

Mio DigiWalker A review: Mio DigiWalker A – CNET

Expanding Your Device Before sending the message, you can preview it by tapping If the device has received the GPS data in about 2 minutesthe message will contain the longitude and latitude information. You can customize what is displayed on the Today screen by tapping Settings Personal Landscape View You can use the device in a landscape manner. Troubleshooting And Maintenance You can press a program button on the front of the device.


Changing The Pin2 Code Tracking Friends and Colleagues To end the connection, tap the Disconnect Wireless Network Connection Use a wireless network card to connect to a wireless network without When a unit is selected, the abbreviation of the unit will be displayed on the upper-left corner of the output field. Tap the soft key to display the Favorites list.

Edit Tap to show and hide additional summary information. When you have digiaalker a call on hold and made or taken another call as described earlier, you can set up conference calling by tapping the soft key Menu Use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to perform tasks in programs.

Current file location and remaining storage capacity Resolution 3.

Mio – World leader in Sat Navs

Mio Programs Mio Programs In addition to Microsoft software, the device also provides additional programs to enhance the functionality or facilitate your operation.

To store attachments on a storage card rather than on the device, tap the Menu soft Tools Options Stop programs you are not currently using. However, this feature does not work if TNEF is enabled so that you can receive meeting requests.


Wireless Network Connection Tracking Friends And Colleagues Contacts: You need to connect to the Internet to download the new satellite calibration data file.

To delete all messages, click Delete All, and then click OK to proceed. Using The Stylus For example, e-mail addresses stored in Contacts can be used to address e-mail messages in Messaging. Making A Call From Contacts Turning On The Phone To avoid accidental operations after waking up the device from the suspend mode, you can enable the auto-lock function by tapping Power Advanced and selecting Auto lock when digidalker turns off The device will not enter the suspend mode when using the navigation program for selected models only.