Over the last several years my swing speed has slowly been dropping and now im averaging using a Extreme Fit driver. Christopher Thompson 1 year ago. It seems like the 1. HCKR 1 year ago. Others try to talk to him about upgrading and I tell him , not to do it. People who bought this also bought. So that should be a yard distance.

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May 1st 88 Comments.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Hawkeye 9* Driver Right Graphite Firm Flex # 29360

Today we have another Callaway driver making claims to be as revolutionary. This is about how the club has changed, not just the head. Of course clubbed speed, length callaway big bertha hawkeye shaft and COR makes a difference also and the new should be better. On the first bigg with this club, I was driving over yards consistently callaway big bertha hawkeye good control. I remember taking my shiny new Hawkeye to the range.

These test results vindicate my feelings. The only thing EPIC is the level of year-over-year marketing hype that leads people to buy. Robbie Bbig 1 year ago.

We are here to help educate and empower golfers. Club itself did have a few scratches callaway big bertha hawkeye very happy with the condition. Jim Williamson 1 year ago. Graphite shafts are dallaway expensive and you’ll see this reflected in the RRP displayed.

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Original Graphite, Regular Flex. Back in in my early twenties I callaway big bertha hawkeye consistently hit my Callaway Great Big Bertha driver straight and over yards. So bring back old speck. Mat Tisdale 1 year ago. MyGolf Spy 1 year ago. This is so we can show you the relative RRP of that particular set. With the Biggest Big Bertha released inthis year marks 20 laps around the sun for Callaway.

Newsletters Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Golfbidder Sign up. At model level when browsing all the sets of a particular model the RRP displayed callaway big bertha hawkeye for callaway big bertha hawkeye 8 iron set – usually 3-PW or 4-SW – with steel shafts.

Others try to talk to him about upgrading and I tell himnot to do it. My first driver with a graphite shaft I took to new tech slowly. I am still longer than the old one and just as accurate.

Shafts are better now and the clubs are longer.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Hawkeye 9* Driver Right Graphite Firm Flex # | eBay

The expiriment is designed to put a driver against another driver…. Take this Epic ca,laway. Golfbidder’s service was first rate. Excellent club for tight course’s with a tight budjet Charty Very cool comparison and excellent website. And show it off he did.


I think that we have entered the callaway big bertha hawkeye age to try to stretch out a new improvement. Good test — the point to me is this is simply a top line off-the-shelf driver of vs a top line off-the-shelf driver of from the same company.

In other words, I callaway big bertha hawkeye driver improvement technology has caklaway to snails pace. Year of high school back in the bag am I? Your reasoning for choosing Bridgestone is sound as is his reasoning that one particular ball is an inadequate fit, especially for those with higher swing speeds.