Ubisoft developers, there is no excuse for this. It really does border on incompetence IMO; that or very, very poor testing. This will enable mouse use. We 4 persons played thru the whole co-op campaign more or less without any issues some Yeti errors and one or two network lost. On screen prompts were showing keyboard actions like,” ‘space’ for cover”. Also tried to install the correct “Logitech” drivers for keyboard and mouse to no avail.

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Conviction was a port from as well.

So far for me as an UBI soft customer, the signature edition has left one impression. Office Shuttle Software Shuttle-key: I can’t move around or use wasd at all.

In Future Soldier I have the sensitivity slider turned all the way to left. Tecy NOT merge the two.

Hello US forum manager. What I did was create another administrator account under windows 7 and then load up steam and the game on that with everything plugged in I’m an old fan of many Ubisoft games, and for me the problem looks too lame and unexpected. Some devices have additional buttons and you need to install the driver, but for those models, you do not need to install the driver if you do not want to use the additional buttons. What the hell happened with this release?


I’m going to play this game tonight and after first impressions the only complaint I had was the frame rate when it had a lot on on the screen. My keyboard and mouse are microsoft wireless laser desktopMy configuration is: Fare clic su Human Interface Devices 3.

I also have issues with the in-game name not being save. I do not have any mouse acceleration in any of my other games that I have installed TF2, CS, Black Ops, BF3 so Future Soldier in its current state with forced mouse acceleration is pretty unplayable, at least for me anyways.

I tried configuring about every possible button and trying every way possible to mark, yet it still doesn’t work. I know the controller is working because some of the buttons do work, e. If the problem is still the keywirks, contact our customer support for assistance. IE walking without aiming down sight. Keyboard it knows the keys ctrl shift and numbers on top. Had mouse issues initially, then unplugged my nostromo N52 gamepad and mouse now works Ok. The correct version will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Same here – downloaded the key off Steam tonight. And, most importantly, of all I could use the keyboard to move oddly I could not turn with the mouse though and the controller which I could both jb-8 and turn with using the analogue sticks.


Post ONCE with details – if you need to add something else, please edit your original post, rather than making a new post. We have some problems with your product. Game does not know mouse or keyboard!!


WASD and mouse problems as well. I want the server list! I can’t move at all. Mouse input not working at all when ingame, using Logitech MX, drivers updated, working fine when in the game menu. Cannot play at all.

A4Tech KB(S)R drivers

Please try to change a new battery first if keywodks. Updated all drivers on system including the keyboard and mouse. HI all I get no movement in game with either wasd or up, down, left, right, I only get to crouch and i managed to fire with the left mouse button in the opening sequence of the game yet i can bind all keys in menu and navigate fully with mouse and keyboard.

Now I’m stuck anyway, ‘cos I’m having the same problem as a previous poster had with the “sync shot” key not working, which sort of messes everything up as you have to do a sync shot to continue the mission