Also FM works great. Replace Mwave card etc. Pull this top up to unlock before you pull out the cable. Thus I added a blob of heat conductive paste for better contact. I manged this way to strongly reduce the crackling, but could not eliminate it completely.

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I modified and regularly use a Grundig tube amplifier from and have built my own TML speaker boxesand I think that also these tiny loudspeaker chassis in the XD were likely 760xe by very bright propellerheads, since they not only sound tremendously better, but also don’t look at all like average other small speakers.

Mine apparently ran soundd hot, since its naked silicon die like with Athlon XP has left a discoloured square burn mark on the metal, which shape indicated that only the rim had good contact with the metal. IMO their sound quality beats many 8cm speakers found in lousy clock radios. The chip looks intact and sounf die is still shiny. I can’t get either one of them to work without the proper drivers. Nyx Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: When I bough my EL years ago for still EUR with defective keyboardthe only defect was that one of these cables was loose.

In the ThinkPad configuration software available from IBM, you can enable or disable screen expansion which gets rid of the black borders. While the EL ones have an uncovered semitransparent black plastic diaphragm and open chassis holes, my XD ones have a shiny silver sheet aluminium grill with big round holes in front of a transparent diaphragm, and the chassis holes on the back are glued tight with a black felt ring.

Anyone have the sound drivers for a IBM Thinkpad 760XD???

The odor is probably due to the bad fan allowing the system to overheat. Thus my only conclusion is that the cooler ESS soundcard, heat paste on the MPEG chip and the open suond jack hole has become sufficient now to keep the thing cool enough to prevent the fan from starting.

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How-To build a Frankenpad Does anybody know which components could be soldered here to make that jack work? The original XD battery pack is completely dead and is completely ignored when inserted i. I am collector of music keyboards see http: It is really not good for anything else. I once took the EL apart and so far I remember, there were indeed empty traces for installing that port on the sound card, but an IC and some discrete SMD components were omitted.

Vintage IBM xd Laptop | eBay

Older versions of Mwave DSP will not function properly and will prevent your ThinkPad from using the power management features under Windows In my XD I cracked off this microswitch lever; despite I glued it back into place use an aligator clip to hold the lever and apply a tiny drop of superglue on the lever, NOT the switchthe lever didn’t spring out fully anymore and thus the switch could not detect when the lid was open.

Wed Nov 14, 7: I start to hate Mwave the more I work with it.

Also the relatively thick felt on the rear chassis holes likely works similar like a Variovent a Dynaudio patented, non-linear air duct for speaker cabinets that damps large amplitudes strongerand also the different hole sizes in the aluminium front cover certainly do something important like a sonic lense to spread the sound wave or even partly reflect it back to the diaphragm to interact with partial vibrations.

I expect that the voice coil rattled against the magnet gap beause either souns was bent or melted or windings came loose by thermical overload. My German model Thinkpad Sounnd also has no telephony jack installed, thus I can not use the infamously slow Mwave modem anyway.


Only at high volume there are sometimes small residues of crackling, but it distorts only barely more than the other. Before skund the sticker, remove oil residues with isopropanol and a Q-Tip from the metal surface otherwise it wouldn’t stick.

sound card drivers (ibm thinkpad xd) – TechRepublic

The foil cables are pushed in dound special connector socket that has a moveable top part. Thus do not attempt to push down the unscrewed keyboard PCB back into place while the keyboard lid is closed, because in closed position the keyboard switch slider is pushed in and cracks off the lever unless the lever is carefully pushed in manually.

The EL speakers sound a little dull and hollow, and in many games e. Unfortunately my right speaker was damaged and thus made a bright crackling distortion also in bass sounds, which soudn very disturbing. Pull this top up to unlock before you pull out the cable. But you can find this in the IBM service manuals.

Previously mine spund noise after 7600xd 45 minutes, but it only started sometimes and only after the laptop was powered on again. The fan bearing is a strange construction that sits loosely in its hole, and apparently the magnet force attempts to push the fan capstan upward out of the bearing when the plastic circlip is removed. If your ThinkPad is listed above and a version of the ThinkPad Mwave for Windows 95 is already installed a version earlier than 2.